Master Classes and Video Clips


8 years old. Never danced before
practiced only 4 weeks. Watch her first
time dancing Terekeme on the stage in
San Jose, California.
Iranian festival of Mehrigan. September 25, 2004.


11 years old. Never danced before
practiced only 1 week. Watch his first
time dancing Gazakhi on stage in
San Francisco, California.
Concert of Caucasus Night. July, 1991.

Master class with the group of dancers
of the Caucasus Dance Company.
San Francisco, California. July, 1991.
master class

Bloomington Harmony School

It was one hour fun with talanted studens
of Bloomington Harmony School.
Indiana October 15, 2004.
Harmony School
wedding dance

Watch Rossana in the short film Hopscotch by Kenneth Tan

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